Make your trials a blessing!

We are not here on earth for our own pleasure but God’s glory. True life comes when we know where we came from and what’s our ending. For when you know your root you will know what tree you are and what fruit you need to bear. Our root is that we are all a child of God, a being that is from Him, our own precious breathe come only from Him.

Life that we have can either be blessing or a trial for us. But let it be known to you that you are indeed a blessing your life origin is from God. From when you are still young you have nothing until you learn the world and discover what’s in it. What you acquire always associate with a responsibility, it should always be in honor of God or it will honor you and destroy you.

Trials and suffering is part of life. We’re living in a trial world, full of suffering that clearly implicate our need for God. Life is a great trial what you do to it, is your appreciation to God’s gift to you. Being poor is trial, and being rich is a more trial. We need God more when we are in need most and we need God when we are in so much trouble. Poor people need God more because they need more help to live. Rich people does not need more God because they think they have all their needs, it’s a delicate trial. It’s true hard for a rich man to be in the Kingdom of God for they depend their lives on what they have.

It’s the same that it is a great trial to have power and to have wealth. What’s in our hand is our choice , chose to use it to serve God and not yourself to be a blessing.

Accomplishment is a trial. Many who commit suicide today are those who has many achievements in life than those who have a little why? Because if God is not the reason for the achievement it’s dangerous, for when the time they fall they cannot go up without God. Who will commit suicide when you know you are being loved by God?

Make Jesus number one in your life why?. Cause you will not be hurt when you prioritize Jesus the most. When you fix your eyes on Jesus even if the most worst things happen in your way you have the chance to be in peace cause you will be assured that everything happen for a very reason.

Put your security in the things that cannot be taken from you. Your own life, your family, your career your business and your money can be taken from you. But we you put your trust in God, even if you die you will live. Trials and suffering is part of life as the need of God is in us. We need to chose always that what ever we had and wherever season you are in your life choose always to serve God. For you will be assure that even your life when you use it for the glory of God you will have your own purpose.

Simple, use everything you have even your most precious life to serve God because you are made for it. Your life belongs to God, it’s not about you, because you are not the owner of your life it’s God. You’re an not accident because you have a purpose that it to honor an d serve God.

PRAY even if what’s the season is, you’re rich or you’re poor, you have all or you are in need, you’re sick or you are well, your happy or you are sad, you are strong or you are weak , pray until you can cause we are made to pray!

You are made because God made you, God loves you! Make it a decision not a choice. Live your life for God. Trials is always a blessing when you chose to trust it in God’s hand.




Tips to fight anxiety

1 Peter 5:7

Cast your anxiety to Him because He cares for you

  1. Acknowledge your own problem or your own situation -Be honest to yourself , pray and tell God all your worries and all your feelings
  2. Find someone to talk to – Involved yourself in a group where you can open up your situation or where you can get support to deal your situation
  3. Call your family if you are far from them or try to spend more time with your family rather than being alone most of the time
  4. Everything will pass, tomorrow is not the same with today– Your situation will change as the days pass so don’t stress yourself more
  5. Remember God’s love for you- remind yourself that you are not alone and God is always there for you!